Restaurants + Cafés


Worthy Deliciousness

This is the new place to go in town + for all the right reasons. The food is amazing. Serving up 5 courses that are equally wonderful + allowing you to choose the 3 main ones for yourself (most tasting menus don’t allow such perks). Their signature cocktail is made with Swedish gin + homemade herbal tonic + monogrammed ice = worthy hangover! The atmosphere is relaxed + the staff are beyond welcoming + informative. All in all this is one of the culinary highlights in Stockholm at the moment.



The Splurge Tasting Menu

Tasting menus are having a prolonged moment in Stockholm, but this is one that is worth the tasting – if you can afford it! The food is cooked in the wood fired oven, or on top of a wood stove using no gas or electric anything to prepare each dish. Ekstedt says it best: “It’s old school, it’s traditional, but yet fresh and inventive. We’ve gone back to our Scandinavian roots to find something that has a brand new feeling. This is the opposite of molecular and futuristic gastronomy.” Thank goodness for that!

Nook 12


The Budget Tasting Menu

Nook is cool. Inspired by street food, they create dishes that are the quality of fine dining, but way more relaxed in terms of atmosphere + price. You can choose the budget friendly tasting menu or order à la carte for a smaller taste of what they offer. Either way you will walk away fulfilled, happy + not broke.

Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren

Worth the Hype

Mathias Dahlgren is one of the most well known chefs in Sweden + after eating at one of his restaurants you can understand why. His creative, contemporary take on Swedish cuisine using mainly local + sustainable ingredients is a worthy culinary experience for both locals + visitors alike. We recommend going to his more casual Michelin-starred restaurant – Matbaren – in The Grand Hotel + sitting at the counter to watch the chefs at work.

Oaxen Slip

Local Waterfront Fav

This waterfront Swedish bistro is a local favourite for it’s consistently delicious dishes + relaxed, stylish atmosphere. Their community tables (they have private ones too) + hearty dishes are meant for sharing, creating a casual, cosy setting. They also have a more formal restaurant called Oaxen Krog for anyone desiring the fine dining experience. For those searching for a local off the beaten path place, this is your gem.



Intimate + Oh Sooo Good

Speceriet is the relaxed sister restaurant to it’s more formal neighbour Gastrologik. The cosy space sets the seen for a chill, intimate dining experience with quality ingredients + amazing flavours. For lunch have a perfectly roasted chicken so simple, but so good. At dinner the shared small plates are beyond divine to the point where even their roasted broccoli is surprisingly interesting + delicious.  Enjoy…


Cosy Scandi Bistro

This cosy, inviting bistro serves flavorful food + drinks made with locally + sustainably sourced ingredients. The limited, yet delicious menu is constantly changing depending on what’s fresh. They have community tables for those who make reservations or bar seats for drop-ins. If you are in the hood this place is worthy of a visit.

Ett Hem

Cosy + Cool @ Home Dining

Ett Hem is a cosy 12-room boutique hotel with interiors designed by Isle Crawford that is a must see for Scandinavian design lovers. Tucked in the residential streets of Vasastan, this house has an open kitchen, cosy library dining room, glassed in sunporch + outdoor seating that makes you feel like you are dining in the comfort of your own dream home. The chef cooks what’s fresh that day + serves up a 2 – 3 course meal worth every penny. Call ahead to book a table since there are only a few available!


Pizza Heaven

Babette is a local’s gem because it’s casual, cool + the pizza is beyond divine. The laid back atmosphere paired with affordable prices + delicious food keeps this place in high demand + always full. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared with mainly locally sourced ingredients to create food with some serious soul.

P.A. & Co

This Must Be the Place…

When in doubt the goto is always this trusted favourite. The food is delicious, cocktails flowing + the music on point. It’s casual + cosy atmosphere, along with the friendly staff make it extra special too. They only take reservations the day of with the phone lines opening at 3pm, so make sure you are calling on the dot to get a table because they are usually booked by 3:30.

Punk Royale

PR World, Party Time, Excellent!

Enter a tiny, smokey, rundown + loud as **** restaurant, and then imagine it’s exactly where you want to be. True story. This place is legit! The chefs left their former kitchens behind to create something playful + authentic to them. Dishes are served up in creative ways (be prepared to be spoon-fed by the chef himself), music is pumping throughout the space on high volume, props are on the walls + tables offering a plethora of instagram worthy shots, but most of all the food is soooo good + worth it for the experience that unfolds.


Surfing U.S.China

Surfers is as random as it sounds: A Chinese restaurant with a surfer theme. And with that randomness comes genius because why not eat delicious fried dumplings + noodles under a painted Endless Summer themed wall with tropical paper umbrellas hanging from the ceiling + good tunes blasting on the speakers. Plus, the cocktails are legit making the drunken Chinese surfing themed evening that much better;)

Sushi Sho

Sushi Lover’s Must

For a sushi lover this is the place to go in Stockholm. The half Japanese + Swedish owner serves up the 12 seated sushi bar (2 seatings a night) with unique sushi dishes that change daily. There is no menu + best to not show up if you are on some crazy restricting diet because to enjoy this unique experience properly you need to be open to try it all. Note: with the recent Michelin star they gained we recommend you book way in advance!


Central Swedish Staple

Over 100 years in business, Sturehof is the goto for local, Swedish food in the heart of the city, where you are almost always guaranteed a scene. It’s buzzing atmosphere and central location make it a popular hangout for locals + tourists alike. In the summer the outside tables + bar are swarming with people who want to be seen sipping on rosé + smoking away. Star Swedish dishes include: Toast Skagen (shrimp with mayo sauce on toast that is delicious!); Caviar with sour cream + red onion on toast; oysters galore; and any of their fresh fish caught locally.


Under the Radar Authentic Dim Sum

Authentic dim sum in the back room of a Japanese sushi restaurant hidden along the cobbled stoned streets of Stockholm’s Old Town – true story + truly scrumptious. Call ahead + ask for the dim sum room. Make sure you order the divine pork buns + expect nothing fancy at all except for some of the best dim sum in Stockholm.

Cafés + Other Food Experiences

Ringen Teatern Food Court

Not Your Usual Food Court 

Food courts usually suck to be honest. Not this one. Take some of the best chefs in Sweden (like Magnus Nilsson + Claes Grännsjö) and give them all a stylish food court stand. Gourmet burgers, hotdogs, sausages, pork buns + ramen noodles at affordable prices all under one roof. This alone is worth the journey to see + taste for yourself!

None available


Östermalm Local’s Spot

This café is always full at lunch with the local Östermalm crowd working, gossiping + chilling. The entrance is a little market with fresh produce, plants and to-go food + beverages. In the restuarant they have a decent menu with a lax sashimi salad that is consistently a hit. They also offer a good breakfast bar for a morning meeting or date.

Snickarbacken 7

The Cool Coffee

This hidden café is a the local lunch place of choice for those working in the bustling area.  It’s selection of delicious salads, sandwiches + baked goods, along with serving good coffee + tea keep it busy. There’s also a cool shop in the back (currently undergoing renovations) that adds to the chill dining experience.

Rosendals Trädgård

The Greenhouse Garden Café

On a stroll through Djurgården this café is a must for lunch or coffee. Rosendals Garden uses biodynamic farming practices to harvest their vegetables, herbs, flowers + fruits that are used in their farm-to-table café + woodfired bakery. The food is delicious + the setting is equally charming. Also,stop in their cute nursery shop for some local jam or tablewares.

Johan & Nyström

Best Coffee

Johan & Nyström is on a mission + has succeeded in producing delicious, sustainable + fair trade coffee. The quality is beyond what most of us are used to drinking. Every coffee snob should go to see what innovative, sustainable, high-quality coffee can taste like. The only negative is that what you have been drinking before will no longer be as worthy to brew. AND, their Matcha + teas are equally delicious!

Café Pascal

Vasastan Spot

This Vasastan staple is cool, casual + delicious. Their salads + sandwiches are lunch worthy, along with baked goods from Lilla Essingen bakery + coffee sourced from local micro- roasters. All in all it’s a goto for chill vibes + fika (coffee + sweets) in the Vasastan hood.


Söder Brunch Spot

This hip café in the heart of Södermalm offers a decent breakfast, brunch, lunch + dinner menu that happens to include delicious American pancakes (not always easy to find!). In this buzzing area we definitely recommend this spot for the food + cool vibes.

Bageriet Kringlan

Indie Café

In the heart of Östermalm, this local fav serves up fresh food + coffee with indie rock in the background + chill vibes all around. If you are in the hood this must be the place for your fika (coffee + cinnamon bun)…


Stockholm’s Whole Foods

This Södermalm grocery store is the largest green market in Scandinavia, offering a wide selection of organic, artisanal + natural foods. Come by for your weekly organic + gluten-free groceries, takeaway from the healthy food court or enjoy a glass of organic wine. For those interested in sustainably sourced food, this is your place.


Central Organic + Vegan Market

The popular Swedish organic brand, Renée Voltaire has recently opened their own vegan market + café in central Stockholm. Stop by for a fresh juice, vegan takeaway or some organic goodies for home. They carry a wide range of food, beverages + kitchen goods. Well worth it for an organic + vegan food lover.

Green Rabbit

Green Rabbit

Local Loved Bakery

For fresh, organic bread baked daily look no further. Owned by Mathias Dahlgren + Martin Berg, Green Rabbit is the perfect place to pop in for a coffee + open faced salmon sandwich to-go. They work with local growers, farmers + producers to grow + sell sustainable food. Don’t forget to also try their freshly made desserts that are [almost] to-die for…



Snickerbacken’s Sister

This local’s café in Vasastan has cool decor, cosy seating +  decent food, keeping it high on the popular list. It’s also owned by the same people from Snickerbacken 7, which is one of the best cafés in Stockholm. If you are strolling by Vasaparken or just in the hood, we highly recommend this as your café of choice.