Svensk Tenn

Svenskt Tenn

A Swedish Interiors Institution

Svenskt Tenn was founded in 1927 by Estrid Ericson, who chose Josef Frank to create the iconic designs that remain celebrated + coveted to this day. It would be very rare to walk into a Swedish household + not see something from this legendary brand. For those who appreciate design + textiles, you must not miss this place. A treasure from Svenskt Tenn is the prefect Swedish souvenir to take home + much more original outside of Sweden!

Sjöström Antik

Antique + Vintage Gems

This little shop in the heart of Östermalm guarantees a vintage enthusiast will discover a gem. Mixed with a plethora of unique pieces, the lighting offerings are especially cool. Whether you can afford it is another question, but worth the inspiration!

Nordiska Galleriet

Contemporary Classic

For those that appreciate high-end contemporary Scandinavian + other international designers look no further than Nordiska Galleriet. Full of furniture + accessories that will bring any home up to speed with the latest + classic interior trends.

Skajs Antikhandel

Skajs Antikhandel

Curated Beauty

Whether you are in the market for handpicked exceptional antiques (especially from the 18th century) or simply enjoy seeing beautiful things, this established antique shop should not be missed. The owner, who’s grandfather started the business almost 100 years ago, is beyond kind + informative. Just beware that you may not be able to leave without dreaming of the treasures you stumble upon…

Garbo Interiors

Garbo Interiors

Beauty has it’s Price

For the French vintage, distressed wood + fabric torn off a chair look that come at hefty prices, go no further than Garbo. Don’t get us wrong, they have amazing things there, and definitely worth a look for interior lovers. Just prepare your wallet!

Dusty Deco

Dusty Deco

Unique Vintage Modern

Dusty Deco is full of vintage modern treasures that are not always easily found somewhere else. Their lighting is especially cool and not everything is crazy overpriced, although it’s not the cheapest. One does pay for the edit though + they definitely do a good job of handpicking the keepers.



This gem is for the more thrifty vintage enthusiast. You can find some cool handpicked antique, vintage + other objects that won’t consume your budget. The  vintage jewellery section is also something to covet. For both tourists + locals, it’s a goto for a unique, somewhat affordable find. Another plus is their nearby nicely curated vintage clothing shop for men, Herr Judit.


20th Century Scandinavian Design

Modernity is a 20th Century Scandinavian design lover’s dream. They specialise in the collection + sale of of rare, high-end Scandinavian 20th Century furniture + accessories, that of course come at a price. For one’s Hans Wegner + Arne Jacobsen Alvar fix look no further than these experts who also have a nice selection available online…


20th Century Scandinavian + International Design

For modern vintage collectors this must be the place. They collect the finest in furniture, accessories + decorative arts from the 20th Century. Whether you can afford it or not, it’s worth the visit for some inspiration. The website also has a nice selection of pieces to peruse…

Bukowskis Market

Affordable  Auction 

Bukowskis Market is an auction website that has the potential to become extremely addictive – finding vintage designer furniture, art, jewellery, etc. for prices where you feel like you are getting a deal is hard to find these days. Just a 15 minute drive  from central Stockholm you can visit their warehouse + see the incredible collection of things for sale. This gem along with it’s competitor Stockholms Auktionsverk, are both a Swedish local’s goto for furniture + art.


Gift Me

Asplunds has a lovely, handpicked selection of contemporary Scandinavian + International home accessories + furniture. It’s on the Östermalm street known for interiors + definitely worth a visit to find unique gifts for the home (especially your own!).


Founded by a native Swede, these unique scented candles + perfumes are the perfect souvenir to bring home from abroad. Made from the highest quality raw materials + beautifully designed, BYREDO is a favourite among the Swedes. They even do leather accessories and eyewear for those interested in something less mainstream + chic.