The Department Store

Nordiska Kompaniet is Stockholm’s main department store. If you are traveling from abroad the places worth noting are: the Women’s Scandi fashion designer section (floor 1); Mini Rodini for the littles (floor 4); and strolling through the home department (floor 3) looking at some of the Scandi brands.


Acne Studios

Swedish Fashion Staple

Acne is obvious because it is one of the most iconic Swedish fashion brands. So if you are a fan, then go to one of its several locations in Stockholm for your Swedish fashion fix…



Swedish Fashion Souvenir 

Compared to other Swedish brands, Rodebjer tends to have a bit more colour + pattern, which is never a bad thing unless you’re a Swede (kidding…kind of). Checkout their signature kaftans + kimonos in funky prints for a unique piece outside of Sweden that won’t brake the bank.


Scandi Designer One-Stop-Shop

Aplace houses a larger selection of Mens + Women’s Scandinavian designers including House of Dagmar, Rodebjer, Carin Wester, Whyred, Our Legacy, and Uniforms for the Dedicated. This one-stop-shop for Scandi fashion is worth a visit for those interested in Scandinavian designers.

Mrs H

Sweet Designer Boutique

Mrs H is a cosy women’s designer shop where you can get your Isabel Marant + Proenza fix all in one go from welcoming + kind staff (always a plus!). The limited selection is thoughtfully handpicked + eclectic. In terms of a designer shopping experience, this little shop makes you happy even if you can’t afford the thousand plus Euro dress in the window:)

Natalie S

Natalie Shuterman

International Designer Destination

For a larger selection of International Designers, NS is your only shop in town to go. It’s Stockholm’s version of Matches Fashion (in London). If you are craving a Lanvin necklace or Balenciaga top then stop in, shop + mingle among the Östermalm moms. Oh and FYI, the sales are legit!


Curated Women’s Secondhand 

Judits is for the secondhand shopper who prefers not to dig for a gem + would rather have everything put in it’s place in an orderly fashion. They stock mainly secondhand Swedish + international brands, along with some high quality vintage. For those interested in saving cash + recycling fashion, this is one of the better secondhand shops in the city!

Lisa Larssons Second Hand

Swedish Vintage Institution

Lisa Larsson’s is one of the most beloved vintage shops in Stockholm. She’s been around for ages and is known for finding some unique pieces. It’s still a shop you need to dig around, but that is what vintage enthusiasts adore most. Stop by and search for a vintage Kimono or fur coat. On a lucky day there are some rare + affordable gems to be discovered.

Filippa K

Conscious Designer

Filippa K is a Swedish designer that designs for the modern day women + man with the idea that each piece is timeless. Their focus is on producing conscious fashion that lasts longer than the average brands because of it’s high quality + classic style. They are constantly working towards more sustainable methods + materials, along with collecting their secondhand clothing to resell + recycle. For classic, conscious Swedish fashion design that’s reasonably priced this is your brand.


The Scandi Bag

Inspired by Nordic landscapes, Sandqvist makes cool canvas + leather accessories for those interested in simple design that’s functional + conscious (they are Fair Wear Foundation members). Especially popular are their weekend bags + backpacks that are hard not to spot when roaming the Stockholm streets. Plus, their reasonable prices for such good quality + design make them the perfect souvenir to sport back home.

Soder-2 highres


Mixing it up

Grandpa carries a nicely curated selection of Scandi and international fashion + interior brands. Their focus is on quality brands that most often have a sustainable element.  Great one-stop-shop for gifts and Scandi fashion finds.


Swedish Surf Shop

This place is cool. Their target clients are surfers, campers + explorers (aren’t we all?!), but even if you don’t fit into those categories the fact that on a dark winter day you can sip a coffee + watch calming surf videos while shopping is kind of amazing. And for that they are list worthy.

Nitty Gritty

Cool Men + Women Shop

Whether you want a Scandi designer shirt or a Marni frock, this is your spot. They carry a lot of basics + classics that fit the Scandi look to a T. Especially for men where there are less shopping options, this is your spot for cool stuff. Now that’s the nitty gritty.


Sneakers + Stuff

Swedes love their sneakers + deep, deep, deep down desire to be a little gangsta. Hence this shop. They have the trendiest sports gear + sneakers around.

Lund & Lund

Lund & Lund

Suit + Tie Guy

Swedish men are known for dressing up + never owning a T-shirt (shock + horror to Americans!). This shop is for those dudes. Family owned since 1949, find a perfectly fitted suit tailored to your every desire, a patterned silk hanky to put in the pocket of your velvet blazer, or a bow tie for your next royal wedding. If you are in need of clothing for a special occasion then look no further…

Herr Judit

Curated Men’s Vintage

This nicely curated vintage + secondhand store for men has everything from button down shirts, fair isle wool sweaters + silk pocket squares all in good condition. They also carry some new items as well. For men into recycled fashion this is your spot…

Georg Sörman

The Classic Man

Walking into Georg Sörman is a bit like walking back in time. Beautiful wooden cabinets carefully store cashmere sweaters + shirts in the shop that was first established in 1916. Still family owned, the staff are extremely welcoming + knowledgeable. Downstairs you can rent tuxes or be fitted for suits. The friendly staff + old school atmosphere make for a pleasurable shopping experience, whether it’s for yourself, your son or your grandfather – there is something for every man there.

Uniforms for the Dedicated

For the Conscious Modern Man

The name says it all – dedicated to combining timeless designs that last, with innovative fabrics made from environmentally friendly fibers. This Stockholm-based men’s brand is ahead of it’s time in terms of sustainability all while creating a desirable + stylish product. Bravo!

Stutterheim Raincoats

A Local, Lovely Coat

Alexander Stutterheim paid homage to his late grandfather by taking his old fishing raincoat he wore religiously in the Swedish archipelago + modernising it. He went to one of the last standing Swedish textile factories and employed their seamstresses to create functional fashion locally + sustainably. Now these coats are worn all over Stockholm and available in many styles + colours. This Swedish souvenir is not only useful, but represents something wonderful.

Swedish Hasbeens

70’s Inspired

Swedish Hasbeens are wooden heeled clogs + sandals that are always in fashion. Made with ecologically prepared natural grain leather, in small factories who have been making shoes for generations – this fair trade, sustainable brand’s flagship shop is worth a visit if you are craving a modern day 70’s vibe.

Nudie Jeans

Worthy Denim

This is a Swedish denim brand dedicated to fair trade and sustainability. They produce their denim with 100% organic cotton to last a lifetime + offer FREE repairs at all of their shops worldwide. They even have a production guide on their website showing where each item of clothing is made. Definitely a brand worth noting + supporting…